Hi! My name is Katrin. I’m a 20-something year-old reader from Canada.

Read With Katrin is where you’ll find me discussing anything related to books/reading.
I’m not a writer but I do promise that my book reviews are 100% my honest thoughts.

My most read genres are fantasy, romcom, and crime/mystery. However, if there’s a book that sounds interesting to me, it doesn’t matter what genre it is, I’ll read it.

Review Policy

Currently, I am NOT accepting book review requests from authors/publishers due to my current obligations. My main focus is also on reading the books that I’ve already purchased and have been sitting on my shelves for a while.

For ARCs and books from authors/publishers, there will always be a note at the beginning of my review disclosing it.

I will try to respond to every review request regardless of interest.


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