Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by Sarah Ready: where are all these swoony Josh-es coming from?

Note: Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



Meet Gemma Jacobs. She’s driven, energetic, and a positive thinker. She has a great career working for famed self-help guru Ian Fortune, she lives in a cute studio apartment in Manhattan, and her family is supportive and loving (albeit a little kooky). Her life is perfect. Absolutely wonderful.

Except for one tiny little thing.

After a decade of disastrous relationships and an infertility diagnosis, Gemma doesn’t want a Mr. Right (or even a Mr. Right Now), she just wants a baby.

And all she needs is an egg, some sperm, and IVF.

So Gemma makes a New Year’s resolution: have a baby.

Josh Lewenthal is a laid back, relaxed, find-the-humor-in-life kind of guy. The polar opposite of Gemma. He’s also her brother’s best friend. For the past twenty years Josh has attended every Jacobs’ family birthday, holiday, and event – he’s always around.

Gemma knows him. He’s nice (enough), he’s funny (-ish), he’s healthy (she thinks) and he didn’t burn any ants with a magnifying glass as a kid. Which, in Gemma’s mind, makes him the perfect option for a sperm donor.

So Gemma wants to make a deal. An unemotional, businesslike arrangement. No commitments, just a baby.

To Gemma’s surprise, Josh agrees.

They have nothing in common, except their agreement to make a baby and their desire to keep things businesslike.

But the thing about baby-making…it’s hard to keep it businesslike, it’s nearly impossible to keep it unemotional, and it’s definitely impossible to keep your heart out of the mix. Because when you’re making a baby together, things have a way of starting to feel like you’re making other things too – like a life, and a family, and love. And when the baby-making ends, you wish that everything else didn’t have to end too.


“How didn’t I know this about you?”

He gives me a funny look and asks, “Were you looking?”

I enjoyed reading this book! It was perfectly balanced between being lighthearted and emotional. I alternated between reading it and listening to its audiobook and Erin Mallon did an amazing job narrating this book.

I adored several of the characters but, if somebody can send a Josh Lewenthal my way, that would be great. No lie, he made me swoon several times.

It’s very predictable (e.g. the New Year’s resolution, the quotes, the big and cringy romantic gesture) and there weren’t any twists that are shocking or new. But you know what? I didn’t need this book to be something new or mind-blowing because for me it was a book I had fun reading. It was easy to read and when I was listening to it, I was very much immersed.

The biggest flaw of this book? Everyone is so judgemental. Seriously. Except for Josh..or am I too biased and missed it? Naaah, definitely not Josh😌

Category/Genre(s): Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Publisher: Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC

Release Date: January 25, 2022

Rating: ★★★.5

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